Mums4Corbyn at the World Transformed

New Socialist are very happy to announce details of our comrades and collaborators, Mums4Corbyn's events at The World Transformed on Saturday 23rd September.

New Socialist are very happy to announce details of our comrades and collaborators, Mums4Corbyn’s events at The World Transformed on Saturday 23rd September.

‘Mumrades’ - rise up! The inequality faced by women in society is often linked to our role as mothers and carers. Women are not only lower paid than men but our labour in the home goes unpaid, and this double burden also contributes to the underrepresentation of women in politics. So what are we going to do about it? Mums4Corbyn will be addressing this question and unpacking the demands that self-identifying women can and should be making in and outside the Labour Party to end inequality. Come and tell us what your demands are as we prepare our Mums4Corbyn charter.

Home Truths: Housing is a Feminist Issue (11.00 - 13.00)

Whether spending a higher proportion of their earnings on rent or being more likely to be affected by the bedroom tax, women are hit hardest by the housing crisis. Now more than ever, housing is a feminist issue. Join us to talk about the impact of the housing crisis on women and how we organise the fight-back.


  • Dawn Foster (Guardian Journalist)
  • Daisy-May Hudson (Film-maker with Experience of Homelessness)
  • Yvette Williams (Justice for Grenfell)
  • Chaired by Samiah Anderson

Radical Demands From the Grassroots (13.00 - 15.00)

From the vote to wages for housework, women have always been getting organised and making radical demands on society as well as in their own movements. These demands often shine light on areas long-ignored by otherwise progressive movements and, most importantly, force radical change. What demands should women be making today, and how do we realise these demands? In answering these questions, we’ll be taking inspiration from movements past and present, including the Black Panthers.


  • Shami Chakrabarti
  • Maya Goodfellow
  • English Collective of Prostitutes
  • Vanessa Olorenshaw

Childcare (15.00 - 17.00)

What does a better, more radical approach to childcare look like? Mums4corbyn will be in conversation with Tracy Brabin, shadow minister for early years discussing this topic.

A study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that Childcare costs in the U.K. are the highest in the world and yet childcare professionals are some of the lowest paid. A survey by Mumsnet and the Resolution Foundation found that those mothers on the lowest incomes who are wanting to take on extra hours are prevented from doing so due to the cost of childcare. Finding childcare that fits around the reality of women’s lives is increasingly difficult and the quality of childcare and state subsidies is piecemeal. Parents know there has to be something better than what is currently on offer.


In conversation with Tracy Brabin (Shadow Minister for Early Years), Andrea Marie (New Socialist Theory and Strategy co-editor), Selma James and Camille Barbagallo. Chaired by Momentum Kids co-founder Natasha Josette.