New Socialist 5th Birthday Edition

This June will be our 5th birthday, to mark it we're going to publish a mini-edition.

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On June 6th 2017, New Socialist launched with an extended analysis of the Labour Party report on Alternative Models of Ownership. What was first conceived in a gossipy group DM set up to share a hated figure of the Labour right’s phone number has developed into something far more significant that we could have predicted. Incredibly, June 6th 2022 will be our fifth birthday. We’re going to mark it by publishing a celebratory mini-edition.

In the edition, we want to explore what we’ve achieved with New Socialist, as well as attempting a certain amount of self-criticism. We’re also hoping to publish some Culture Is Ordinary pieces exploring some of our editors’ interests, and some reflections on the current conjuncture for a post-Corbynite left project.

Get involved

We’re calling for short contributions from our readers about what New Socialist has meant for them. These don’t have to be entirely positive; we welcome critique, and see this anniversary in part as an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve learnt, and what we still have to learn. We would also be interested in longer reflections on New Socialist, particularly in terms of the current situation for the British left, how well we have adapted to the end of a Labour left project, and where we stand and how we operate in relation to these.

Please send any short contributions (around 500 words max) to [email protected]. If you’re interested in writing something longer, please use the same email to discuss your idea before you start.

The Class edition

This means that we are pushing back our Class edition, which we now plan to publish later in the summer. Look out for a submissions call in the next few days!

Thanks so much, as always, for your support, your engagement, and your contributions. New Socialist is nothing without its subscribers and readers, and we are so grateful.


The Editors (@NewSocialistNS)

The New Socialist editorial collective.