Open Meeting for Subscribers

Details of our open meeting at which subscribers can help shape plans for New Socialist.

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On Wednesday January 26th, we will be having our first open meeting for New Socialist subscribers. This is part of our commitment to trying to work out how we can be responsive to the movement(s) we are part of.

Most importantly, at this meeting, we’d like to introduce our next edition, which we are intending to publish in June, though this may depend on how much we can pay for editing work. The theme for this edition will be Class. We’d like to tell you why we’ve chosen this theme, the ideas about class that we’d like to structure what we’re going to do, and tell you about some of the pieces we’d like to commission and also ask, you, our subscribers, what you’d like to see in the edition, including any pieces for Culture is Ordinary you’d like to see, or any books we should think about reviewing or trying to extract.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to explain what we’ve been doing with New Socialist (and why we’ve been doing it). We want to open up a discussion about what has been going well since our shift to the editions model, and about how we can learn and improve. We’re particularly keen to hear any ideas subscribers may have for how we could do things better. We’re excited, as well, to hear from you about what you liked and what you didn’t like in our last edition, ECOLOGIES.

We’d also like to reflect on December’s political education event, “Philosemitism and Antisemitism: Anti-Racist Tools for Solidarity and Resistance”, and discuss the ideas we have for future political education events—again, you are encouraged to contribute your ideas to the discussion!

All of this will then be folded into a broader discussion about the future of New Socialist, including the ideas that we have for future editions and activities, particularly if we continue making progress with our #NS500 subscription drive, and are better resourced, and there will be plenty of space for subscribers to make suggestions as well!

Details for how to register for the meeting are available for subscribers on our Patreon and we will email Donorbox subscribers. In the next few days, we’ll send out some further details and information on some of the ideas and questions we have to help subscribers contribute, as well as ways to engage with the process for those subscribers who are unable to attend the meeting.

We’re so excited to see you. Thanks so much for your support!


The Editors (@NewSocialistNS)

The New Socialist editorial collective.